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Solar Data/Propagation


Hi, Welcome to Gwangju DX Club's (we say this 'GDXC') website.

There are around 20 members in this club including experts, beginners.

This club was founded in the new millenium year of 2000, and organized based on the geographic

background, south-western territory of Korea Peninsula, 'Cholla' Province. Gwangju, originated

the name of this club, is the central city of the Cholla province.

We have been doing all kinds of Amateur Radio Activities, especially, going an annual expedition

to somewhere outside Gwangju area, and setting-up an AR-cluster in the internet.

The ultimate goal of GDXC is making mutual friendship among the members, and going a step forward,

contributing to our local Amateur Radio Society.

We hope you to leave any comments for us, encouraging or criticizing, click here...

Thank you.                                

Gwangju DX Club  Since  2000