OZ1FJB Lars라는 분에게서 다음과 같은 메일이 왔습니다.
2월 13일 0200~0600UTC ( 11:00 ~ 15:00 KST) 사이에 SKED QSO를 희망한다고 널리알려달랍니다.
JUTLANDIA는 1951년 건조된 덴마크의 병원선으로 70주년인가봅니다.

Hello Chan.
Im not sure if you know of our danish special station with the
callsign OV0JUTLANDIA, for more info look at qrz.com

Will inform you that I will activate the call on 80m.cw saturday
13.feb at 0200 to 0600 UTC. TX is ts480, 1 KW pa, and GP-ant.

Pls QSP.

vy 73 de Lars Erik Hinrichsen

BREAKING === Now also the callsign OV7ØJUT will be active, mainly with Digi modes.

Find our activity calender here.

The Danish hospital ship Jutlandia 1951
EDR activates a special call sign in the period 1st February to 31st March 2021

When the Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950, Denmark pledged to assist the UN and the United Nations Command and to provide humanitarian aid to the Allied forces in South Korea. Medicinal products were made available very quickly, and after negotiations it was agreed that Denmark would also send a hospital ship. In the autumn of 1950, the shipping company ØK agreed to make Jutlandia available to the Danish government, and after rebuilding, the ship departed on January 23rd, 1951, heading for Korea.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of this event, Experimental Danish Radio Amateurs will activate a special radio station using the call sign OVØJUTLANDIA and OV7ØJUT
In the period from February 1st 00:00 UTC until  March 31st 23:59 UTC this year, the call signs will be active on most amateur radio bands with CW, SSB and DIGI modes. All bands including WARC-bands, and all modes may be used.

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All two way contacts and SWL reports will be valid for the special JUTLANDIA - AWARD.

Every contact with OVØJUTLANDIA or OV7ØJUT on different band or with different modes (CW, SSB or DIGI) counts one point.  Example: Contact with OVØJUTLANDIA on 20m CW and 20m SSB and 20m RTTY and 40m CW will give you 4 points.

There are three categories of awards:
DX:  GOLD=7    -  SILVER=5    -  BRONZE=3
EU:  GOLD=13  -  SILVER=9  -  BRONZE=5
OZ:  GOLD=17  -  SILVER=13  -  BRONZE=7

Send your request to awardmanager:   OZ4CG@live.dk

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OVØJUTLANDIA                                    OV7ØJUT


QSL card can be requested via Clublog OQRS to be sent via bureau or direct. All logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.
Please send no QSL cards to us via bureau. Save the bureau for work because we do not need your card!

Vy 73 and GL
The event team.
OZ4CG, OZ1ACB and OZ2I